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soy @ mc donald's!!

did you know that? today our coach told us, that 50 percent of the meat stuff sold by mc donald's is soy! and it's not just soy, it's genetic manipulated soy!! and this soy contains estrogen, what is this female stuff, we know^^ and because everybody eats that fast food stuff, people become more female... i mean, young girls get earlier boobs and even boys who eat much fastfood get boobies^^ can you believe that? i didn't notice that yet... and, what's perhaps worse: the genetic material in the soy stuff transforms the genetic material of the bacteria in our stomachs! so this bacteria doesn't break down our food as it's supposed to and if we have bad luck, we get fat! and toi repair this, it can take years of not eating fast food!! so, if i come home, looking like dolly  buster in XXL, you know why.... isn't that sooo nasty?? i didn't even know, i was eating mutated vegetables!! that's soooo scarry!


but anyways... today jessica and me became 2nd in the yuker turnament. kyle and christopher finally beat us, but it was, because they caught jessica reniggin (a form of cheating) twice... but i also tell you: they stacked the deck!!! xD

so... i signed a paper, pledging i would not drink and drive over christmas break! as if i was able to drive.. haha... but i got a peppermint and a button! xD aaand, what's the best part of all that: i could write my name on a paper ornamen and glue it on the paper christmastree, what's hanging on the wall in the auditeria! isn't that awesome? :D


friday i'll perhaps go to a party with jesabel. don't know at whom house yet... everybody here is only drinking and smoking (not only cigarrettes...). that's worse than in germany!! and we are supposed to be the drinking people!! isn't that sad?


so anyways... i still did not study anything for the semester exams. i think i'll fail them... especially biology (i'm in the "honors" class *hoho* so i've to be good.. ROFL) and history and english. i found oput today, that english will  mostly be vocabulary... how am i supposed not to fail that test??? i don't even understand the definitions of the words.. and there are 7 units with each 20 vocabterms, so there are 140 words, whom i don't even know one of. so... good luck miriam! xD


so.. karen, thank you for your mail! i thought you forgot me or something, because i didn't hear anything from you... i'm sorry you have to make the experience of no nutella!


and julia; are you mad? i'm so sorry.... it's unbelievable, that i even sitting on the other end of the world, am able to screw up things at home, with just being spid... i'm so sorry!!!!!!!


so.. guys, i hope you still think of me... i miss you!! i put that picture from the "abschlussparty in klein gerau" from the summer in my assignement book, so i have you with me all the time (at least some of you... ;D). so... tell me what's going on at home.. i hope you have a great time!!!


merry christmas! <3

14.12.06 01:42

hello my fellaz!


first: i'm the worst representant for germany ever.. i became last in all i did yesterday at the meet.. brittanny beat my by 3 seconds and all the other swimmers beat me by at leaast 10 seconds... xD so hate me, germany! xD

aaaand.. the other basket: i thought thomas gained weight too- but  he did not gain fat as me, he gained muscle! cheater! when i saw him yesterday in his (tight *puke*) swimmshorts, he looked like a closet...harry potter with muscles xD funny thing.. he became 2nd in the breaststroke, while our guy came in last.... but anyways.. sam was so fast again!! she's such a talent!!

 so.. that's the only thing really...


oh.. the drug story continues... it's so funny... und confusing.. well, the school put hand blowdryers in the bathrooms instead of papertowels. so they took the trashcans, too, because the principal says, that you don't need trashcans without papertowels.... and some students say, that that was his goal: to get rid of the trashcans, because they found drugs in one of the trashcans... sooo.. but my dad, who's a  maintainance at the school told me, they got them handdryers because they are cheaper than papertowels... but now, with dem blowdryers there came also a rule, that nobody is allowed to use the restrooms during ther period except its a real emergency. and why that? some freshmen told me, that there were some cheerleaders dealing with drugs during the period... and they got caught and susbended... what is that? this whole school is full of drugs....


so.. anyways, what i wanted to tell you and what i thought i already told you.. last friday i was out to eat... and we were at a german restaurant, called "schnitzelbank" (WTF?). and this food was soooo german and soooooooo good :D i ate schweineschnitzel with german fries (=bratkartoffeln) and red cobbage. the red cobbage was not that good, but the rest was delicious!! you can be sooo happy, taht you get german food every day!!! it's the best!!! :D


 so.. i got 2 go.. and no idea what else to write...


miss you!!

10.12.06 23:09

1 mile.. oh yeah!!

today i swam one mile during practice!! i think it's a "regular mile" and not a sea mile, although i think we should wait with telling about the first mile, 'til we got the sea mile.. considering we are in the water, you know ;D but anyways.. i think i'm pretty much the slowest now.. xD more lazy than a bunch of americans? yes, it's possible! i'm sorry guys, i don't represent germany very well... considering i got in trouble for me piercing yesterday... that was so stupid! nobody ever sees that clear stud in my nose... but yesterday, we were in the auditeria, playing yuker (that's a cardgame, guys!!!!) in pe (yes, playing cards is a sport, we have to be tested in, here!! incredible!!).. but anyways.. we were sitting there,playing cards.. and that the vice-pricipal came over to our table, because jessica wanted to talk to him.. (the principal and the vice-principal are very close to the students here.. it's weird... not to compare with our principal ;D).. he came over to our table and talked to jessica.. and then he looked in my face and asked;"are you wearing a nose ring?" i was shocked.. nobody ever sees that stupid thing! so.. i was like "yes?! but it's an invisible one, i can wear that, my counselor said that!" - "TAKE IT OUT!! IF I SEE YOU AGAIN WEARING IT, WE'LL NEED TO HAVE A TALK!!!" "ok..." *shrink* tell me guys, what's that??? after he left the room, i put it back in, of course , because usually it's not noticiable!


well, yesterday, we had our second swimmmeet aaaaaaaaand- WE BEAT CORYDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! celebrate us, guys!! WE BEAT CORYDON, WE BEAT CORYDON... *sing* hehe.. aaaand.. i got 3rd in my heat at the 50 yards freestyle!! ooooooh yeah... xD of course it was just, because brittanny had google-problems and there were only 4 people in the heat, but i got 3rd- that doesn't sound bad, does is? xD and i beat my own time by a second!! 50 yards in 45 seconds!! (4 weeks ago i needed a minute!! :D). soo... but my other 2 races, i was in were horrable!! the 200 relay, were each of us has to swimm a 50 freestyle, i started (as usual.. we know that...) and i messed up my goggles during trhe start, so i had them flipped over under my eyes.. i could see ok though... BUT: when i did the flipturn, the goggles flipped - full of water- over my eyes and i couldn't see any more!! it was horrable! we were in the first lane, so there was wall to my left and i kept on swimming against it with every stroke i made! horrable!!! when i finally arrived on the end, my teammates were so kind to tell me to stop, so i didn't run into that wall.. of course we lost that race.. i was soooo sorry.. but i didn't want that.... and then in my 100 backstroke, i counted wrong or something and hit the wall full speed with me head- TWICE!!! at least i didn't mess up my goggles *haha*.. so i beat my own time by 5 seconds and came in last 0.4 seconds after brittanny, who i could beat two weeks ago by more then 4 whole seconds!! i tell you fat does NOT swimm on top of the water! it's going down... xD (you know that song? pretty awesome :D) but anyways... samantha got first in her heat and lydia second in the same one! those girls are sooo fast now.. sam has to practice with jesse now, because we are to slow for her and jesse is the 3rd fastes boy and gets x-tra practice, too.so.. i pretty much suck.. xD but at least i stopped gaining weight now xD that's an advantage, isn't it? xD

aaaaand.. the story of the day yesterday- they found a crackpipe in the car of a boy.... here they do that stuff with the drug dogs, you know? so.. they found that crackpipe in that car, and now guess who that car belonged to?! - right brittanny's boyfriend! he says, it was the pipe of a friend of his, who forgot that thing there... ok.. i think, that's not my niveau and i don't want to know anything else... but: who can you be that stupid?! and you should see that car- he wrecked it twice and that's what's it looking like!

so.. next week snowboarding probably starts! i'm so excited!! miri on a snowboard- that can't be right.. xD


and.. something i had to think about yesterday: what's about liberty & justice for all, if they want to put a videocamera into the bathroom at school?? is it leagl to tape people peeing? but maybe that's just stupid stuff the students talk about... i don't know... so, america, i don't say anything against you, because i can't believe it's true, that you would let that happen- you know i love you! 

 so... yesterday i got my first christmas card from holly- i was so happy :D she's such a nice person aaaaaaaand- today i got that packet from my german parents!! THANK YOU!!! i missed "haribo goldbaeren" soo much :D and thanks for the cd!! bushido is sooooooooo good :D

that makes me think of something- i burned an aerzte cd for jesse and gave it to him yesterday. we listened to it all the way to our meet in jeff' and them americans liked it! good german music is just the best ;D

(ok.. i never listen to it at home.. but since i'm here i spent much time listening to that kind of music... i confess myself.. now hate me... BUT: i stay hip hop guys, now way :D) so... i spread a piece of german culture... be proud of me ;D


so guys.. i need to go to bed now.. tomorrow there will be a biology exam.. hopefully i won't fail it...


and!! IMPORTANT!!! JULIA I'M SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn't want to get you in trouble with lars... i'm soooooooo sorryyyy!! i didn't think, he would get mad... i'm sorry.. (( please don't be mad at me...


and.. i didn't have a chance to watch that video yet, martin.. because without dsl that's not fluid... (it took me 45mins to download icq.. so you have an idea of the "speed" of this connection...)... i'm going to watch it at school.. hopefully they won't get me in trouble for that.... but it only take one minute and 52 seconds.. ;D  (at least it should... xD)

so.. i guess thats all you need to know.. except for:

I MISS AND LOVE YOU DA*N (<---causeword... dang it!) MUCH GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!


so.. aaand.. i'm looking forward to saturday, because i'm getting to see thomas there (in a swimsuit *hoho* excitement ;D) and actually to TALK to him more than "how are you? i got to go.." :D i'm so excited xD (i saw him sunday at wal mart, i think i told you.. didn't i? i forget things like that too fast, i'm sorry... xD but anyways- SOMEBODY GERMAN!!! i'm so excited :D (and i swear, when i saw him sunday, he looked as if he gained weight, too- YES! xDD) so... see you guys later...

7.12.06 03:52

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOO ME... (haha.. i wish... but luckyly this horror is done for this year...)

hey guys...

first of all: THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR THINKING OF ME AND CALLING ME AND EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! (and zarges: thx 2 you 2^^ i wouldn't have expected that YOU think of me.. (luckyly gg-a reminds everyone.. *haha*)).


so guys... i think i didn't write you since i was about to get out on saturday... saturday was the weirdest ever... i went with jesabel, mica, and a few others of jesabel's friends out. we went to "Joe's Crab and Shake" in Louisville, what's a big city. louisville is probably as big as frankfurt. well, we went there and ate and everything and then (the most emberrassing EVER) jesabel told the waiter it was my birthday (actually it wasn't, but that didn't matter..) then: THE MADE ME WEAR A HULLASKIRD AND A COCONUT BRA!!! and while they were singing "happy birthday", i had to dance hulla!!! tell me, what would you have done?! it was the most embarrassing ever... after that "adventure" we went to a girl's house, were was a "big party".... this house was HUGE! the plasma tv was at least one squaremeter wide and the aquarium in the livingroom was almost like a pool out of glass!.. the most people were in the basement, where was a pool table. and it was almost like in germany- smoking cigarettes (and other "stuff".. you know, what i mean.. ) and teenagers, drinking tequilla and all that "good" stuff... i did not drink anything... i only talked to some guy all the time, who said he added me on myspace.com, but i could not remember him. but that was weird^^ and everybody knew who i was, but i didn't reconize anybody. weird feeling.. i can tell you! so.. mica brought me home and i was 15 minutes late - the world was falling apart! my mum was so mad, because of 15 minutes.. i'm sorry, i did not mean to be late, you can believe that!!

so.. my swimmpractice for sunday was canceled, so i had to go to church. and after church we were at a baptism celebration. oh yeah... -.-' and after that, maria, debbie and i went to the mall. (i'm sorry dad, but i spent "lots of money" there... i didn't mean to, but i needed winterstuff and one jeans was only 12$ :D). i got 2 jeans, a coat and some other stuff... and i got a free teddy bear at aeropostale, because i spent 100$ there... (i'm sorry, daddy...). so.. then we went home and nothing what deserves to be mentioned happened.


and now yesterday, monday november 27th, 2006; my 17th birthday. i can tell you.. it might have started out good with your calls and everything, but the rest of the day.. let's forget about that crab.

i got up, took a shower and all that normal stuff. than viki called! i was soooooo happy to hear her voice!! thanks a lot viki!! then my mum called. thank you! and then janine, too!! what a great morning!! so.. at 8 o'clock maria and i left for school. at school it was ok, everybody told me happy birthday-even people i haven't ever talked to! that was nice and lauren, my "host cousin" even gave me a present! it was a sooo good smelling perfum!! *mmmmmmmhmmmmmm* so, but then there was pe and we had the soccer skillstest. that meant: you have 5 shot on goal and the percentage you get inis your grade. i missed twice!!! 60%= D- WTF?! i was hardly the only one who could even play the ball during the turnament and i got a 60, while all those loosers got 80's or 100's?! that really PISSED ME OFF!! isn't soccer supposed to be something, i practiced since more than a year like at least twice a week?! and since i'm here EVERY DAY?! can somebody tell me, what is wrong with me? but anyways.. that made my day like poop. and let's not talk about the swimm meet, ok guys? it was sooo sad and pissed me off sooooooo bad!!

 i was in 3 heats. the first one was a 100 backstroke. usually in practice i swam 100 yards backstroke in 1:52, but yesterday i needed longer than 1:55!!! i came in third, together with britanny, who i beat during practice at least by 4 seconds EVERYTIME! tell me, what is that?! but i like britanny, so that wasn't that bad and noone was "really last" (*haha*). then we swam 200 relay freestyle. i did ok at that one and then the burner: 400 relay, it was supposed tobe freestyle, but nobody told me, so i went into the water, getting ready to do backstroke. then they told me and i had to do 100 freestyle without being prepared for that. i could not breath and did the worst i ever did, i guess. i was so mad. and after the meet we stopped at mcdonald's and i ate a chickenburger and felt verry bad about averything. i was home by 10 and there was a big cake, what said "happy 17th birthday miriam!" and my family sang "happy birthday" for me and i got a few presents, too! from maria i good earings and from the rest of the family i good to really cute shirts! after having eaten a little cake i went to bed and was happy, that that day was done!


today was a regular day...


so.. thanks 2 all who wrote emails, made gb entrys or called me!! I LOVE YOU!

and special thanks to patrick for uploading the pictures!


miss u sooo much, guys!  

29.11.06 01:57

happy thanksgiving!

oh guys, i'm so full! although i skipped breakfast i couldn't eat any dessert the second time i had to eat dinner today. our first thanksgiving dinner we had at 2 p.m. . turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans and much other stuff.. and pies for dessert. i ate so much.. and it was so good... xD but the embarrassing thing was: after we got done eating, tim, the boyfriend of arica's asked me, if i would eat that much in germany, too. i was like:"it wasn't that much, was it?" ouch.. xD so.. when i'm back you probaply have to set me on a diet or something, i guess. my mow is like HUGE now, i guess. and i don't even realize it. what is that? so sad... but anyways, it was so american. and after being done eating there at the house of (i found it out today) the sister of my dad's mum, we went to grandma patty's house for feasting again. she makes the best dumplings ever! :D so good... but after having had a plate of patty's turkey i was full. fuller than i ever was before! and they wouldn't let me drink water at either house. "water doesn't go with that" WTF??? water goes with everything! it has no taste?! weird people....


ashley and me left earlier than the others and went home. good luck, she drove a seperate car, because after having eaten at the sister of alan's mum's, she had to go to her boyfriend's house to celebrate thanksgiving with his family, too. so, we drove home and on the way home, she told me like the sadest story ever.. a real "familycrime" is going on here. but that doesn't matter now. tomorrow i'll have practice at 3 pm, brittany is going to pick me up at 2:30 pm. oh yeah... hope you don't eat as much as i did today... love ya.. over and out...

24.11.06 02:59

hey guys!


i can tell you.. what a night... after school and swimmpractice, where nothing special heppened, my dad dropped me off at home and i was home alone. he told me, i wouldn't be alone that long and ashley left a note for me, that i should fix me something for supper and enjoy the quietness. BUT enjoying quietness? NO! i took out the dog and lockt the door by mistake i guess, so that i couldn't go in anymore. and what was about "not that long alone"??? I SAT 4 HOURS ALONE WITH A SPOILED DOG IN THE GARAGE, FREEZING!!! i guess, it was about 8 degree celsius (whatever that's ins fahrenheit.... doesn't matter anyways.. xD). ashley, who made a quick decision "rescued" me then at 9:30 and i took tinkerbell out at 5:45!!!! i sat there hungry, freezing and the must to have to use the restroom for almost 4 hours! und the dog did not understand that i could not open the door. and it was so cold... and after 45 minutes the indoordog started shaking and freezing really bad, so i took of my sweat jacket and wrapped it around tinkerbell, to keep her warm and i sat there with only a t-shirt now and still wet hair because i just returned from swimmpractice. so tell me, i won't become ill. HAHA.. -.- at least ashley felt very sorry for me.


now, i'm waiting that the dryer is done and i'll go to bed. tomorrow the big feasting starts!! thanksgiving 'til christmas- oh yeah!! so... don't eat too much turkey, guys! (just kidding, i'll definitely eat too much turkey :D). so.. don't forget about me and patrick warnecke- if you put my pictures on the internet, put a link in my guestbook here, too, okay? (thank you! )


so... have a nice thanksgiving break (haha.. xD)


miss you!  

23.11.06 06:14

a long time ago....

hey guys!


i'm sorry.. it's one week, that i wrote you the last time.. that's too long, i know! but i'm still alive, guys! ;D so.. now don't expect me to tell you everything, i did, because that's impossible to remember (i don't even know, what i did thursday...). so.. i can tell you, that on friday after practice i was home alone and because i didn't know what to do, i went to bed at 8:30 p.m. . on saturday, i was at the first babyshower of my life. at a babyshower, a pregnant woman gets many presents and like 30 crazy women sit there and play weird games. one was, that everybody had to cut a piece of rope in the length, they thought it would perfectly fit around the belly of the pregnant's. so.. and of corse there was lots of food. well, sunday we went over to grandma kay's for the first thanksgiving dinner. turkey and mashed potatoes and ham and green beans and oistres.. and pies!!! to die for... i bed, i'll gain weight extra fast over tranksgiving and christmas. the people here say, we'll keep eating constatly now 'til christmas. that's not good, i guess... probaply i'll need 2 seats on the flight back (and i'm not kidding about that..). so.. yesterday we were eating at kay's again for dinner. we had left evers from the day before.. and tomorrow will be the last day of school an dthen we'll be off 'til monday. and that's called thanksgiving break. so tell me something about your holidays... german holidays are much better.. ;D so.. but anyways, today i got a B on my biology exam!! *oh yeah*. and last week, i got 102% on my history exam!!! ain't i smart?! xDD just kidding... well... the school becomes easy now, i guess.. i don't need that much time for my homework any more, either. the only thing, what takes a while is english, because we write essays about poems.. like them stupid interpretations mrs. deutsch (miss germany HAHA) wanted us to write last year. i hope, you don't have to do that in english yet, because it sucks really bad.


so.. and today i beat britanny in backstroke 100 and freestyle 50-sprint!! that felt good. the first meet is monday (-my birthday, for them who don't know) and i'm sooo excited!! i only hope, i won't come in last. everything else is ok. AND... if you want to call me (you never thought about that, i know... but i just wanted to tell you.. just in case, you know? ;D) you have to call me, when it's in the morning here. i leave at 8 o'clock here. because i'll go to my swimmmeet directly after school and i don't know, when i'll be home. so.. call before 8 o'clock here, what would be 2 o'clock p.m. in germany. and if you don't call me - that's fine, too. you don't have to or anything.. probaply i forgot you birthday already anyways... so..


before i forget: we are playing soccer in pe now, and it's helirious!! the first time i saw them american kids play i cracked up laughing! you should see that! not even i am that unskilled!! so.. for  me it was pretty easy to score a few times... because them kids are not skilled enough to even kick the ball straight^^ it' helirious, i tell you...


so... tomorrow another history test.. hold me your thumbs (or so..)


....::still missing you::....

22.11.06 04:07

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