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home, sweet home....

i am pretty much ready to return home now... next week those freaking semester exams start... i don't wanna take them... they suck!  in history i could fail it and still pass with a D... thats good, isn't it? but the rest of the subjects i don't know... xD and if i wasn't that lazy, i would have gotten an A-in us history.. (yes, me, the stupid german!), but i was to lazy to study, so i didn't do it and got propaply something around C on the chapter 11 exam.. dang it!! that really upsets me now.. but it's too late.. -.-'  but anyways.. this weekend i will pretty much spend with studying i guess... i hate it!


but anyways.. today i got a "special loser practice" in a seperate lane... WTF is that?! -.-' it wasn't on purpose, because laurinda and lydia weren't there, so i was the only slow person left, because brittany and krista started practicing with the boys now, too. all them male girls there.. tzz... -.-' but anyways, although i got the loser practice, i swam a mile today and i wasn't that exhausted.. propaply it's because i don't care or whatever.. it's weird... 


well, big greez to veronika (not really you viki, but you can have some special greez, too :D), but i mean veronika, who's at NHHS, too at the moment, and who read my page today during school ;D YOU ROCK! :D german english power ;D (and i hope your american life is more interesting than mine... )..


so, anyways... that's it.. i don't know what else to write.. i miss you all soo much! (julia, i hope you have fun at 'nutz tonight! ;D) and E: i'm sorry...


so.. anyways... i miss you soo much and i watch that video all the time thanks, martin!!!


so guys... i love you! and do not eat mc donalds!!!

16.12.06 04:16

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