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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand BREAK!!!

oh yes guys, i have holidays now!!! 2 full weeks!!! oh yeah! buuuuuuut.. i had to take semester exams yesterday and today... and they pretty much sucked!  i think, i seriously failed PE.. at least advanced pe and not loser pe.. haha.. -.- what do i know, how high a basketball basket is or how far first base prem home  is??? and why in the world would you make us take this stupid test?! and this test is one fourth of my semester grade! WTF?! xD and she just told us yesterday.. everybody thought, we wouldn't have to take an exam in pe.. so WTF?! 

but at least most of the other tests were pretty easy... english was a hard one.. veronika who was sitting next to  me, went all the time like:"oh my gosh!! scheisse! what do i know?!" and i was just thinking how right she was... the teacher didn't tell us that there would be a grammar part and the poem part was so hard.. what do i know, man? and guys, you'll laugh.. it was multiple choice... and i probaply failed it... please stop laughing, i feel bad enough... 


so.. what i did the last days was pretty much studying for those tests, i guess... nothing special at all.

mama, your paket arrived today. the kukuksclock says "made in germany" in big letters at the front, so don't worry ;D but you exaggerated with the food.. we'll be eating gingerbread 'til easter i guess xD but german stuff is still the best ;D and also the paket papa ordered on the net for me arrives today. that was a big paket, full of those bags with air and in a little corner was that stuff...when i saw those two biiiig pakets on my bed i really was scared, what would be in there!

but also i got a christmas card today in the mail. do you know from who? you would never guess.. it was from ashley's teacher at ius in whom lesson i had my speech about germany! i rea it and was like ROFL?! too funny....

 so, but anyways, today was the last day and we are off now!!! ooooh yeah xD but we still have swimm practice... -.- i'm tired of that pretty much... but anyways.... i wish you all a merry christmas and so on and thanks for still thinking of me you'll get your presents when school in germany starts again, i guess xD i'll go to buy them friday i guess xD so.. probaply i'll send them to julia's house and she can play my santa clause ;D i'm sorry it's so late, but when did i have time to go to the mall and actually had the canche to go there? so.. i'm sorry...


so.. i really appreciate you reading all this stupid stuff and are still thinking of me


21.12.06 00:51

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