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i wish you a merry christmas.....

almost christmas, guys!!! so.. first of all: thank you viki and janine! i got your paket yesterday!! your letters were sooo cute! thank you so much!! i miss you sooo... and janine, the "christmas text" was sooo humorous! i realy had to laugh about that!! xD thank you sooo much, guys!!

but anyways... on thursday i was shopping. it's a pitty, we only went toi the small mall. i don't like it there verry well, so tabea (i'm sorry) that's the reason, why i bought you the shoes in black. they didn't even have red ones. i'm sorry, tell alia that! the had only those in long and the rest they had was short ones. i'm sorry!!

for myself i bought 2 pairs of soccer shorts, because they were on sale xD one pair is even nike :D but they weren't that expensive.. 12 dollars and another cheap pair for 10 xD and i bought a pair of slippers for swimming. and the rest was christmas presents.. the paket for you is packed, i only need to bring it to the post office it's nothing spectacular in there, but you know, i'm thinking of you i miss you sooo much!!!

yesterday than i had practice. when we did the last hundred i got a kremp in my toe. that was not too bad, but then when we were just playing around in the water and i did a backflip, the kremp went into my whole leg and it hurt sooooo bad! and that's why my leg is sore today.. what is that?!

last night everybody was out, so i went over to lauren's and kerry's, who are my "cousins". katie, a girl who was on the soccerteam and is a friend of lauren's was there, too. we played yooker, ate homemade pizza and watched a movie that we rented. it was nice. when i returned home by 12:25 i was home alone. so i went to bed. maria, ashley and john david spent the night somewhere else and my "parents" were home at some point of time at night, when i was asleep.yaya.. verry interesting, i know....

do you know what tinkerbelle did? (oh yes, another interesting story for you.. haha^^ but i'll tell you anyways.. muhahahaha) anyways.. nobody pait attention to that weird puppy, so she went under the christmas tree and unwrapped a present. and she got luckyly the present john david bought for her! isn't that funny? it was a dogtoy, looking like a football-bonbon. and it makes a noise.. everybody is thinking how she knew, it was her's. muhahahahaha isn't that funny?

so... i wish you all a maerry christmas and many presents.. you get them tomorrow and i'll have to wait 'til monday morning... weird american tradition.. xD so..


.... santa claus is comming, to town...    

23.12.06 19:02

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kleckerkarenkaoskind (23.12.06 23:26)
hi miri, schönes neues design...hast du bei der farbe an dein Zimmer gedacht? naja also wegen eurem Hund, der Dino is auch net besser, nur dass der versucht meine schokolade unterm Baum wegzuklauen. Mit den weihnachtsgeschenken hatte ich auch ziemlich probleme, nix für meinen Vater gefunden...dafür kannst du jetzt fast sicher sein, dass du von mir auch noch was bekommst, im januar irgendwann, aber immerhin, darf nur nicht zu schwer werden, sonst nimmts mein onkel nicht mit. ach jetzt können wirs endlich sagen, morgen ist weihnachten!!!!!!!!! also alles gute und lass es dir gutgehn

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