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hey hey hey guys:D whats up?


well, christmas is over :D (finally)

my christmas was weird.. the 24th we went to midnight mess.. that was ok, although i'm not big in church n that.. but this stuff catholics burn stinks soooo bad!!! yack!!


well.. the 25th, 8 o'clock in the morning. john david is running around yelling:"IT'S CHRISTMAS!!GET UP!! SANTA WAS HERE! SANTA WAS HERE! SANTA WAS HERE!!!" tell me WTF?! wel, we had to get up.. so we sat there under that tree.. and the sag of present was as high as the tree!! you should have seen that!! that was sick!! i have never seen anything like that before!!

so it took more than one hour to pass out and unwrap all those presents! i got earwarmers, cloves, socks, a scarf, a set with bodylotion and shampoo and all that stuff, a harley davidson shirt, a bracelett, a photoalbum, more socks and money. so i did not get less than i would have gotten at home.. isn't that WOA?? xD

after the presentthing, we went to our first granmother for eating and then to our second grandmother for eating.. xD (yes, christmas=FAMILYstuff, will never have that again, thank God)


so.. taht was christmas... on tuesday i went to klair's house. it was fun and on wednesday ractice started again. and yesterday in practice, i beat krista!! we had a relay and i raced krista and actually beat her!!! muhahahaha xD ain't i a lucky person? i'm so proud xD but today i can't go to practice because we have another weird family thing and on monday is newyear's day, so no practice and on tuesday i have a meet and that's gonna suck, because of not enough practice. yeha.... -.-'


well i got to go.. see ya later, guys!

29.12.06 18:07

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