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yuhuuuu :D


well, yesterday was okay.. big family meet at grandma's xD we played cards for ever....


well, tonight i'm going to holly's birthday in louisville at louis crab shak or so.. ACTION!! EXCITEMENT!!!  i have something to do!! isn't that awesome??


tomorrow is new years eve.. you all will be drunk that you can remember anything and what am i doing? sitting there with the family and can''t even do bleigiessen or something like that ;D you know, i'm joking, guys ;D


well, i wish you a happy new year and that all your wishes will become true

love you!!!


your's miriiiiiiiiiding <333333

30.12.06 19:08

hey hey hey guys:D whats up?


well, christmas is over :D (finally)

my christmas was weird.. the 24th we went to midnight mess.. that was ok, although i'm not big in church n that.. but this stuff catholics burn stinks soooo bad!!! yack!!


well.. the 25th, 8 o'clock in the morning. john david is running around yelling:"IT'S CHRISTMAS!!GET UP!! SANTA WAS HERE! SANTA WAS HERE! SANTA WAS HERE!!!" tell me WTF?! wel, we had to get up.. so we sat there under that tree.. and the sag of present was as high as the tree!! you should have seen that!! that was sick!! i have never seen anything like that before!!

so it took more than one hour to pass out and unwrap all those presents! i got earwarmers, cloves, socks, a scarf, a set with bodylotion and shampoo and all that stuff, a harley davidson shirt, a bracelett, a photoalbum, more socks and money. so i did not get less than i would have gotten at home.. isn't that WOA?? xD

after the presentthing, we went to our first granmother for eating and then to our second grandmother for eating.. xD (yes, christmas=FAMILYstuff, will never have that again, thank God)


so.. taht was christmas... on tuesday i went to klair's house. it was fun and on wednesday ractice started again. and yesterday in practice, i beat krista!! we had a relay and i raced krista and actually beat her!!! muhahahaha xD ain't i a lucky person? i'm so proud xD but today i can't go to practice because we have another weird family thing and on monday is newyear's day, so no practice and on tuesday i have a meet and that's gonna suck, because of not enough practice. yeha.... -.-'


well i got to go.. see ya later, guys!

29.12.06 18:07

tomorrow is christmas :D

so.. tomorrow is christmas... i hope you could enjoy christmas eve with church and presents

i'll go to "midnight mess" tonight and tomorrow in the morning santa claus has been here (hopefully) and we all get presents.. xD american christmas is so weird...


but anyways...this day was the most boring ever.. iwas only reading a book all day long... pretty exciting... but anyways.. i wish you a joyfull christmas


love you <333

24.12.06 22:07

new design... thought it's looking cute like that... the links up there don't work... will change them when i've time... so... have a nice holiday


love you

23.12.06 19:31

i wish you a merry christmas.....

almost christmas, guys!!! so.. first of all: thank you viki and janine! i got your paket yesterday!! your letters were sooo cute! thank you so much!! i miss you sooo... and janine, the "christmas text" was sooo humorous! i realy had to laugh about that!! xD thank you sooo much, guys!!

but anyways... on thursday i was shopping. it's a pitty, we only went toi the small mall. i don't like it there verry well, so tabea (i'm sorry) that's the reason, why i bought you the shoes in black. they didn't even have red ones. i'm sorry, tell alia that! the had only those in long and the rest they had was short ones. i'm sorry!!

for myself i bought 2 pairs of soccer shorts, because they were on sale xD one pair is even nike :D but they weren't that expensive.. 12 dollars and another cheap pair for 10 xD and i bought a pair of slippers for swimming. and the rest was christmas presents.. the paket for you is packed, i only need to bring it to the post office it's nothing spectacular in there, but you know, i'm thinking of you i miss you sooo much!!!

yesterday than i had practice. when we did the last hundred i got a kremp in my toe. that was not too bad, but then when we were just playing around in the water and i did a backflip, the kremp went into my whole leg and it hurt sooooo bad! and that's why my leg is sore today.. what is that?!

last night everybody was out, so i went over to lauren's and kerry's, who are my "cousins". katie, a girl who was on the soccerteam and is a friend of lauren's was there, too. we played yooker, ate homemade pizza and watched a movie that we rented. it was nice. when i returned home by 12:25 i was home alone. so i went to bed. maria, ashley and john david spent the night somewhere else and my "parents" were home at some point of time at night, when i was asleep.yaya.. verry interesting, i know....

do you know what tinkerbelle did? (oh yes, another interesting story for you.. haha^^ but i'll tell you anyways.. muhahahaha) anyways.. nobody pait attention to that weird puppy, so she went under the christmas tree and unwrapped a present. and she got luckyly the present john david bought for her! isn't that funny? it was a dogtoy, looking like a football-bonbon. and it makes a noise.. everybody is thinking how she knew, it was her's. muhahahahaha isn't that funny?

so... i wish you all a maerry christmas and many presents.. you get them tomorrow and i'll have to wait 'til monday morning... weird american tradition.. xD so..


.... santa claus is comming, to town...    

23.12.06 19:02

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand BREAK!!!

oh yes guys, i have holidays now!!! 2 full weeks!!! oh yeah! buuuuuuut.. i had to take semester exams yesterday and today... and they pretty much sucked!  i think, i seriously failed PE.. at least advanced pe and not loser pe.. haha.. -.- what do i know, how high a basketball basket is or how far first base prem home  is??? and why in the world would you make us take this stupid test?! and this test is one fourth of my semester grade! WTF?! xD and she just told us yesterday.. everybody thought, we wouldn't have to take an exam in pe.. so WTF?! 

but at least most of the other tests were pretty easy... english was a hard one.. veronika who was sitting next to  me, went all the time like:"oh my gosh!! scheisse! what do i know?!" and i was just thinking how right she was... the teacher didn't tell us that there would be a grammar part and the poem part was so hard.. what do i know, man? and guys, you'll laugh.. it was multiple choice... and i probaply failed it... please stop laughing, i feel bad enough... 


so.. what i did the last days was pretty much studying for those tests, i guess... nothing special at all.

mama, your paket arrived today. the kukuksclock says "made in germany" in big letters at the front, so don't worry ;D but you exaggerated with the food.. we'll be eating gingerbread 'til easter i guess xD but german stuff is still the best ;D and also the paket papa ordered on the net for me arrives today. that was a big paket, full of those bags with air and in a little corner was that stuff...when i saw those two biiiig pakets on my bed i really was scared, what would be in there!

but also i got a christmas card today in the mail. do you know from who? you would never guess.. it was from ashley's teacher at ius in whom lesson i had my speech about germany! i rea it and was like ROFL?! too funny....

 so, but anyways, today was the last day and we are off now!!! ooooh yeah xD but we still have swimm practice... -.- i'm tired of that pretty much... but anyways.... i wish you all a merry christmas and so on and thanks for still thinking of me you'll get your presents when school in germany starts again, i guess xD i'll go to buy them friday i guess xD so.. probaply i'll send them to julia's house and she can play my santa clause ;D i'm sorry it's so late, but when did i have time to go to the mall and actually had the canche to go there? so.. i'm sorry...


so.. i really appreciate you reading all this stupid stuff and are still thinking of me


21.12.06 00:51

home, sweet home....

i am pretty much ready to return home now... next week those freaking semester exams start... i don't wanna take them... they suck!  in history i could fail it and still pass with a D... thats good, isn't it? but the rest of the subjects i don't know... xD and if i wasn't that lazy, i would have gotten an A-in us history.. (yes, me, the stupid german!), but i was to lazy to study, so i didn't do it and got propaply something around C on the chapter 11 exam.. dang it!! that really upsets me now.. but it's too late.. -.-'  but anyways.. this weekend i will pretty much spend with studying i guess... i hate it!


but anyways.. today i got a "special loser practice" in a seperate lane... WTF is that?! -.-' it wasn't on purpose, because laurinda and lydia weren't there, so i was the only slow person left, because brittany and krista started practicing with the boys now, too. all them male girls there.. tzz... -.-' but anyways, although i got the loser practice, i swam a mile today and i wasn't that exhausted.. propaply it's because i don't care or whatever.. it's weird... 


well, big greez to veronika (not really you viki, but you can have some special greez, too :D), but i mean veronika, who's at NHHS, too at the moment, and who read my page today during school ;D YOU ROCK! :D german english power ;D (and i hope your american life is more interesting than mine... )..


so, anyways... that's it.. i don't know what else to write.. i miss you all soo much! (julia, i hope you have fun at 'nutz tonight! ;D) and E: i'm sorry...


so.. anyways... i miss you soo much and i watch that video all the time thanks, martin!!!


so guys... i love you! and do not eat mc donalds!!!

16.12.06 04:16

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