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miri goes new york

yes, you read right.. miri goes to new york.. and guess when.. TOMORROW!!!!


so.. don't expect mails from me next week.. (ok i didnt write you last week either... im sorry... im a bad friend ) so... i think im gonna send you all postcards :D real new york ones xD

yesterday i got asked out for prom by brian, who is a senior and in my government class.. he's really nice and i told him i was gonna go with him... muhahahaha "poor" david xP he is so mean to me since i didn't want to go with him... jerk.. -.- but anyways... i guess i'll have to buy a dress in new york then :D we are on springbreak now (one week) and then it's easter and than i have a cci thing an then it's prom.. so exciting xD 

 so i heard you guys had fun on your classtrips :D (ali drank pee?!)  in 76 days i'm gonna be back :D finaly!! no more stupid gossiping and no more stupid conversations about other people having sex with each other.. that i all the people here talk about.. isn't that stupid?! they think high school is a big orgy or something... disgusting!!! that's my impression for today xDD lalalalala.... NEW YORK!! i got to go and do laundry and then fill my stuitcase with all the stuff i'm not going to need but ganne be tanking with me :D


and i'm sick.. i think i got "scharlach", but i got to go to new york tomorrow, because they wouldn't give me the money back and this is the chance of my life!! :D so.. i got to go...


looooooove you :D

24.3.07 15:48

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