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happy new year! :)

happy new year, guys! i hope you had a fabulous new years eve party and haven't been too drunk! ;D

 my new years party was so funny. i have seen things like that the last time when i was in 8th grade or something around that corner...

first we were six girls, but i wasn't drinking, si there were 5 girls, what shared one bottle of smirnoff raseberry wodka.... and they startet ten minutes after everybody had drunk 3 sipps of wodka to pretend they were drunk....  WTF?! they were bouncing of the walls, i tell you!! lieing on the floor, laughing.. it was sooo childish.... well, like half an hour after that the  boys arrived and wanted to drink, but this lonely bottle of wodka was the only thing there was to drink. well, holly started calling people and liz arrived with 3 "shots" (like tequilla-klopfer..). the 5 drinking girls shared that, too and went on pretending beeing drunk.... pretty stupid, i tell you...

so i sat down and was talking to this guys, i yelled at before the holidays. do you remember that? well, i found out his name was something like "devan" or something like that... actually he's a pretty nice guy. he asked me like a thousand questions about germany. he wanted to know, if germans really hate jewish people.... WTF?! HELLO??? WTF?!?well, when we were talking more and more weird american kids started sitting around me, listening to my view of the world... it was pretty funny. americans think, that the french are all hairy. are they?? xD andthey think germans are boring, hardworking people. what is that?? i don't know anybody really hardworking, do you? xD  well.. in the end we were playing twister (yes, that game with hands and feet and colors...). so it was pretty funny. we went to bed by like 4 and got up at 9. i think that was to early.. we got up and went to get breakfast at a restaurant... i ordered pancakes with apple topping. they gave me 3 huge, i mean really huge pancakes and i could eat one and a half, because they were soooooooooo big!!!


now i'm home. holly took me home. when i came home everybody was still sleeping....

so i'll just hang around the rest of the day, i guess... i hope you new years eve parties were more.. "fluid" ;D


so.. let's hope your year 2007 will be the most fabulous one you ever had with much fun, action, love and good luck :D



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