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nutella times come up :D

hey guys!!


first: I DID IT!!! I DID NOT COME IN LAST ON THE BACKSTROKE YESTERDAY!!! i was 4th out of 5, but i was not last!! kiss my feet!! xD

 well, just wanted to let you know about that one...

and.. julia, the packet, you sent me for my birthday is finally h ere!! it arrived today!! thank you sooo much!! that nutella is AWESOME!!! and i read the newspaper, although it's from november the 25th! i did not know about soo many things that happened over there... so exciting!!! thank you soooo much!!!!!!!


and: congratulations Karen to your boyfriend!!!! (i don't try to be mean or anything, but i was wondering, if rene isn't smaller than you? i'm sorry.. ) well, I'M SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!  YOU DESERVE IT!!!! FINALLY!!!!!

(viki told me on the phone and tobi sent me a mail, where he told me about it, too )


well, here is nothing new... i'm just living here.. wasting time.. tomorrow school will start again...  on saturday there will be an exchangestudent sleepover.. so i get to see thomas!! isn't that awesome?! :D i'm sooo excited :D hihi... but at the same time, there will be brittanny's birthday party, and i will not be able to go there that stinks!!!! but the sleepover will be fun, too i guess :D


well... i hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays, because mine are over.. -.-

...::still missing you::...

4.1.07 00:32

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(5.1.07 04:11)
hey actually i don't know you but i wouldn't see everything so bad! Sounds like hell your life!is it like that?

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