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sooo much to tell you....

hey guys!!

 well, the sleepover was friday.. i went there and it was fun actually.. there was another german boy, his name was ludwig und thomas was there.. and a few brasilians, 3 more europeans or something like that and 25 asian people. we spent the whole night playing cards, xbox and just hanging arround. it was (i could not believe it...) something like "fun"... when i went there, i was thinking that would be horrable, but actually it was ok... the area reps did single interviews and mine ended at 7 in the morning.. so of course i did not go to sleep then...

in the morning we made omletts.. or better eggs in a bag.... everybody had a ziplock bag and we put 2 small eggs in there and then other stuff like onions and paprika and that... that was weird...

thomas left at 8:30, because he had to swimm in a swimmmeet. and when then shortly after him all the people i was actually talking to left, i was the only "white" person (i do NOT try to be racist or anything, but that's the way i felt...) left there. so i felt if i was from the wrong ethnic group or something.... weird...


well, my mum picked me up by eleven and we straight went to her greataunts house. she was so mad at me, although i did not do anything, because this morning, in the swimmmeet thomas was swimming in, our boys were swimming too, and at first i was planning to go and watch, but then the sleepover was friday to saturday, so i was not at home at 9 o'clock in the morning. and i really told brittanny, i was not gonna be able to go there... well, she frogot about that or something and was at my house at 9 a.m. . of course everybody was still sleeping and woke up because of that.. well and than supposenly at 9:25 my coach called here, to ask if i would be able to get to jeff and to swimm. he mixed something up and it wasn't a all girls meet. so that call woke up everybody again... but, is that my fault??? it might be my fault, that i called 10 mins after that and wanted to be picked up, but everybody was leaving the church, where we slept in at this time and i didn't want to sit there alone then... well, i could not know, what happened in the last 35 mins before that, could i?! so.. my mum was mad at me and it wasn't even my fault.. i might have been the reason for all that, but it was not my fault... i'm sorry....

well.. we went to her grandmother's sister than and after that i went home and slept 'til almost 8 o'clock.

aaaaaaaaaand... big news: i can do my licence!!!! i talked to my area rep and she said i could do it!!! ooooh yeah!!! i'm soo excited :D


well.. have a nice weekend...

7.1.07 02:16

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