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oh my godness!! i didn't wirte you guys in forever!! i'm so sorry!!!

but here was nothing and at the same time so much to do!!! i just tell you about the last days, because i forgot about the rest.. xD

first: i guess i'm gonna be home june the 8th!! thomas is flying then and my parents wrote me an email today, that they probaply screwed it up!!! WTF?! i told them like 3 weeks ago what was going on and they didn't ever write me back! so i figured everything was all right... well, hold the thumbs because i really would like to fly home with him together... 8 hours alone on a plane will be very boring, you know?!

well, the other german boy, i met at the sleepover, ludwig, he just told me, a german exchange student who's living in his area in ohio got sent back home because of drinking alcohol!! can you imagine it? that kind of scares me.. my real dad at home would cut my hat of or something, i bet!! well, i told veronika about that, and she was like:"that is much wasted money!"...


well, i snowboarding on tuesday was cancled,although we had the first snow.. that was weird... so i went with all the people to the swimmmeet (but didn't swimm) and i was home by 10:30 at night.. that got me in trouble... but thenext day i made 100% on my history test without even studying!! awesome, hm? xD

well, today we had another meet.. it sucked.. brittany,who wasn't at practice since ever beat me by a second.. WTF?? why am i even going to practice anymore? it doesn't make any difference if i practice like hell or if i lay lazy on the couch... that makes me soo mad!! i should skipp practice every day.. seriously.... tzz.. -.-'


aaaaand.. the big news of the week: thomas moved!!! he switched his hostfamily!!! he's living with a friend, he made at school, now!!! when he sent me the mail and told me, i was just like WTF?! but he's still living in town and i still hope we'll fly home together.. i saw him twice this week at the swimmmeets^^ but we didn't talk that much.. pretty sad^^ we'll i guess, he doesn't like me anymore.. whatever...


well, this weekend nothing is going on anymore.. yesterday i went (i was forced to go..) to the basketballgame out at the school.. americans are so crazy about basketball.. i can't understand it... -.-'


well.. all in all i had a hell of a week and just want to sleep, but there is a whole bunch of people here and i can't.. and church tomorrow... *puke*

well... ttyl...



21.1.07 02:17

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