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yes, she's still alive ;D

sorry sorry sorry.. but on the other hand except for my parents nobody has probabply noticed, that i wasn't writing here..

well.. some things happened.... but i don't remember them.. i can give you a short version of my life of the last few weeks..

first of all, swim season is over. we had sectionals last week and i got second in my heat in backstroke and i beat brittanny on the freestyle :D and i made the 50 yards freestyle in 40.59 or so!!! ok, that's not fast and brittanny i the only one i beat in the whole race, but i didn't come in last!!! that made me happy! our relay got disqualified though, because lydia and samantha jumped to early....

and on friday 2 weeks ago or so, i was horseback riding! it was fun :D lydia invited me to her birthday and i rode home with her after school. an d then we went over to her friends house and went horseback riding in the woods!! that was soooo fun :D up the hill was pretty easy, but on the way back my horse didn't want to go past it's "home field" and kept on turning around until sunny, lydia's friend, had to come and help me...

aaaaaaand i went snowboarding 2 times now!!! i'm not very talented and stuff, but it's sooo much fun :D


aaaand.. thursday last week, we didn't have school, because there was too much snow out there... and i think americans don't use winter tires like germans do, so it was too dangerous to go to school.. there was about an inch of snow.. but we got a day off and it was fun to sleep in and stuff. :D and yesterday we had a 2 hour delay, because it was too cold.. so we had to be at school by 10:20. isn't that awesome?


and yesterday on the ride home on the bus, this david guy asked me if i wanted to go to prom. i told  him i would think about it.. who in the world wants to dress up in a very expensive dress and dance to modern music on higheels and all that stuff?! and how will i fat wale look in a dress? right! like a potatoe in a suit!! nice nice... so we'll see...

this week is a hard week.. full of tests! i'm so happy in germany that's not allowed!! in germany students have rights compared to here. you can't even go pee without a teacher's signature in your "blue book". that pretty much sucks!


well, i got to go...





7.2.07 02:36

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